Home Healthcare

Home Healthcare Operational Support

Goodworks manages operational support services for home healthcare and hospice agencies including a leading top-10, billion-dollar agency. Partnering with Goodworks reduces operational friction and enables your staff to focus on ‘top of pay rate' responsibilities. While Goodworks currently supports the home healthcare industry in the below areas we also provide custom solutions. contact us to discuss how Goodworks can turn your agency's operational friction into our organizational focus.


  • Physician Order Management: Goodworks recovers unsigned physician orders by researching root causes of outstanding physician orders and coordinating between physician offices and agency staff.
  • Medical Record Management: Goodworks quality controls, indexes and attaches electronic physician orders, physician signature documentation and patient chart documents into your EMR.
  • Referral Support: Goodworks assists with a variety of referral and intake related tasks for agency sales, marketing and office staff.
  • CMS, COP, Patient Instruction Report Mailings: Goodworks manages CMS-mandated condition of participation (COP) ‘Patient Instruction Report’ mailing while also tracking proof of mailing for audit purposes.
  • Financial Tasks and Support: Goodworks manages financial-related workflows such as posting cash, accounts payable and revenue cycle assistance.
  • Homecare Homebase Workflow Stages: Goodworks manages Homecare Homebase workflow stages such as "Process 485 orders to physician" and "Process discharge order to physician."
  • Employee Data Management: Goodworks manages employee data items such as setting up and managing employee rates, attaching employee documents and updating clinician visit times.
  • Physician Order Portal Support: Goodworks downloads physician orders from your EMR and uploads them to physician order portals such as Suture Sign.
  • Medical Record Requests: Goodworks downloads requested client medical records from your EMR and uploads them to payor and other portals to respond to insurance audits and other medical record requests.
  • Custom Solutions: Many of our current services started with a client asking us a simple question, “How can Goodworks reduce the time our staff spends on ________________?” Lets discuss specific operational friction that you are experiencing and turn it into Goodworks' organizational focus.